Forex Master Workshop Forex Master Workshop

Forex Training Master Course

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - you get to see the Forex Master trade in Real Time while you sit in the room with him.

      • 2-Day Forex Training Course
      • Learn basic and advanced techniques to assess the Forex market
      • LIVE Forex Trading during workshop
      • Trend lines, Channels and Fibonacci
      • Indicators
      • How to choose a timeframe
      • How much data do you need to see on a chart
      • Elliot Wave Counts, What is a wave count, How do you profit from it
      • What to look for in Candle patterns
      • What is a Fibonacci & How Do I profit from it
      • How to use the Stochastic for highest profits
      • Learn Forex Fundamentals
      • Risk to reward
      • Risk Management
      • Position sizing your portfolio
      • Trading Psychology
      • Forex Trading as a business
      • A Master Checklist before you push the button to trade

This business has no need for staff, rent or stock. You can learn to trade Forex and make money from anywhere in the world!

All you need to have is the right knowledge, a computer and access to your Forex trading platform.

Our Expert Forex Master Trader has achieved over R1million since the January 1st, 2009 in his personal trading. He spent over R350 000 over a 2 year period harnessing his skills and combining a multitude of different trading styles to produce his Forex Trading Master Technique. His personal time spent on studying and reworking strategies over the last two years has resulted in over 5300 hours clocked and recorded (since recording began).

Our team is dedicated to passing on the Forex Trading Master Technique to you on a special 2-Day Forex course experience. You will get to experience a LIVE Forex Trading environment as you Learn! 

Remember this 2 -Day Forex Master experience is - FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!

It's an exclusive offer!  Make sure you don't miss it!

Dates: TBA


Advanced Forex Trading Course - 2 Days

Make money trading Forex Professionally

Discover the secrets behind Forex Trading success from a Forex Pro. You will find out about the best currency pairs to trade and when to trade them. You will also enhance your ability to control losses by learning specific risk management tools.

The focus is for you to consistently make money online trading Forex. We want you to run your Forex Trading as a business. You can run this business online anywhere, anytime and all you need is access to the internet. We can show you how to do it.

Once you come on the Advanced Forex Trading Training Course you can also get group chat sessions with our Forex Pro on a daily basis as he looks for trading opportunities and discusses them with you. This is our monthly subscription membership called the *LIVE* Forex Trading Room.

The Advanced Forex Trading Course includes 3 Trading strategies to cater for the aggressive day trader, the active trader and the end of day passive trader.

Extensive money management discussions help you to manage losses. A focus on the winning strategies that Forex Pro uses to produce great profits month after month creating a steady stream of income and abundance for creating wealth.

This Advanced Forex Training Workshop includes a focus on the following:

  • Advanced Technical Analysis including Fibonnacci & ADX
  • Advanced Trading Psychology
  • Forex Pro's Top 3 Strategies across 3 different time periods
  • Portfolio Management
  • Back-testing Your Trading Strategy
  • Trading as a Business Concept & Plan
    • Your Backup System
    • Scaling your Positions
    • Adding to your positions
    • Position Sizing
    • And more...
      • In-depth Strategy Workings using Forex Pro's Strategies

Workshop Fee: R5500 pp for 2 Days


Each client will be guided and will be proficient in the following:

How to draw trend lines, channel lines and speed lines.

Elliott waves The rules and application. Using exercises every participant will practice the rules until a full understanding is achieved.

The basics of Fibonacci.

Drawing Fibonacci retracements and fans.

Basic understanding of Candle patterns.

The effect of candle patterns on price movements using end of day and live charts.

Chart patterns. Learn to identify flags, pennants, wedges and formations.

Using everything learnt over the 2 day Forex Course, apply to end of day and intra-day charts and trade in a simulated environment to test the results of what you have learnt.

What's more? Your Forex Master Bonus!

The workshop will cover two intense days and will be hosted by an expert in his specific field.

You will be given to complete a series of tests on all the different aspects taught.

The lessons will only continue once all delegates are efficient in their understanding and application of each topic.

Just to sum up a few of the benefits for you!

Make money learning oscillators, formations and chart patterns to predict support/ resistance and turning points in EOD and live charts on the Forex market.

  • Clients can expect in-depth explanations of advanced indicators which will give them a clear understanding of the indicators to apply them correctly
  • Applications of technical analysis will improve client’s success rates on their own trades
  • Pattern formation explanations will help clients identifying the correct sell and buy levels to make more informed decisions
  • Advanced lessons on your Forex Trading Platform will drastically improve client’s abilities to use the program to its full potential and therefore enhanced their trading abilities.

Clients will gain the edge on stop and order placements.

Testing session on the last day will ensure that clients are fully equipped by the time they leave.

What are Forex Master's Latest Achievements?

"I started off in one account with just R35 000 and more money in another account which would have been money I was willing to risk and give up if it will.  That is also what happened; the one account I was so serious about improved from R35 000 to R 638 000 from Sept 2007 to October 2008"…."and yes I eventually drew almost all the money from the other account which I haven’t already lost on expensive mistakes." 

"I lost about R190 000 out of the second account. My total turnover was more than R 1 000 000 in both accounts together, meaning I gave about 60% of all my profits back to the market; leaving me with a 750% profit of my R 35 000 account in one year and a 100% loss on my R170 000 account in the same time.  Over all as you can gather, I am still paying my bills on time every time and having some money to spare while enjoying my work as an intraday Forex trader.  I now also added a Currency account in October 2008 with some money that I transferred to London."

“Training other people to also share in financial success is what I call emotional balance to my 14hr intraday trading program!”

 Our Expert Forex Master Trader has achieved over R1 million since the January 1st, 2009 in his personal Forex trading!

Why not learn to make money online like Forex Master?!?

Don't Delay! Seats are limited!

Apply now!

Dates: TBA

“Trading in the Forex market is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets and suitable for sophisticated individuals and institutions.  Nothing in this presentation is a recommendation to buy or sell currencies and is not liable for any loss or damage.”


Forex Master Workshop
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