About Trading Mentors

We are a team of day traders that have been in the stock market & forex market for a while now. We look to offer the practical and theoretical experience we have gained over the years in a day trading mentorship programme for people that have a need to improve their market trading.

We specialise in Forex training & Forex education for day trading using our LIVE Real Time Online Trading Forex Mentorship experience. It is a monthly subscription of R1500 that allows forex traders to follow the everyday Live Online Day Trading by a Forex Pro.

We also offer an ALSI Trading mentorship that includes some futures trading training while online with the Stock Market Mentor.

Feel free to contact us anytime!

The Day Trading Forex Mentorship is available now. Don't delay getting involved. Previous Forex Trading experience a must! Or come on one of our Forex Training courses to catch up!


Our team focuses on the Forex market as well as the ALSI 40 index. We make use of the Dow Jones, FTSE and S&P500 as benchmarks for the ALSI trading system...

We use 5 Forex Trading pairs to focus on with the Day Trading Forex Training experience. These are thoroughly covered during the online trading training that you will experience from Forex Pro.

We focus on ALSI trading with day trading strategies that include a scalp and swing day trading strategy. Our target for the week is about 300 pts consistently while day trading online.


“Trading in the Forex market is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets and suitable for sophisticated individuals and institutions.  Nothing in this presentation is a recommendation to buy or sell currencies and www.tradingmentors.co.za is not liable for any loss or damage.”

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