11 Are you looking for a way to help make ends meet or just some extra income? What about start investing on the stock markets? Is it possible to be successful at Forex trading? Would I be able to pull off making a decent profit or could I lose it all because I don't know enough on my own?

That's exactly how our team started over 6 years ago, by asking the same questions. We had heard about investing on the stock market & Forex trading but we had very little clue. So, we started looking around on the net. Found some Forex Training course & Stock Market education companies that offer talks that also offer brokerage services. Went to talks and asked questions, went on some workshops and learnt alot.

Something was still missing... The experience of someone that had already learnt the ropes and was now passed the major stock trading hurdles. It took a number of years for us to develop our Forex market trading expertise and know how. But we developed our experience over time using our own money. It was a bit tough. There were good market trades and bad ones. All in all, we managed to grow our trading portfolios over time so that we can now trade online full time. Now it's our turn to pay it forward!

Trading Mentors can now offer you our experience first hand! We specialise in offering both Forex Training Courses and ALSI Trading mentorship programmes. Each mentorship runs over a number of weeks and focuses on the vital aspects every stock market & forex trader should know but rarely gets taught in a workshop. It's a hand holding scenario while we walk with you through the online trading process, a growth phase.

Get the opportunity to experience our online trading mentorship programs and develop a winning market trader's mindset.

Join the Trading Mentors on a journey in the Life of a Trader!


Our focus is on Forex Markets  & Alsi Trading

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You understand that Forex & ALSI are high risk. We cannot offer advise.



Forex Training News and Events

"Many people are eager to trade in the Forex market but very few of them really know what it is."

Forex Trading Master Course

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - you get to see the Forex Master trade in Real Time while you sit in the room with him.

      • 2-Day Forex Course
      • Learn basic and advanced techniques to assess the Forex market
      • LIVE Forex Trading during workshop
      • Trend lines, Channels,  and Fibonacci
      • Indicators
      • How to choose a timeframe
      • How much data do you need to see on a chart
      • Elliot Wave Counts, What is a wave count, How do you profit from it
      • What to look for in Candle patterns
      • What is a Fibonacci & How Do I profit from it
      • How to use the Stochastic for highest profits
      • Money management
      • Trading psychology
      • Risk management
      • Risk to reward
      • Portfolio sizing your positions
      • Forex Trading as a business!
      • A Master Checklist before you push the button to trade

This business has no need for staff, rent or stock. You can learn to trade Forex and make money from anywhere in the world!

All you need to have is the right knowledge, a computer and access to your Forex trading platform.

Forex Pro recently achieved his best Online Forex trading day ever with a 22% certifiable profit in a single day of trading! In less than 36 hours, Forex Pro achieved 34% profit with day trading Forex in July 2010!

Our Expert Forex Master Trader has achieved over R1million since the January 1st, 2009 in his personal trading. He spent over R350 000 over a 2 year period harnessing his skills and combining a multitude of different trading styles to produce his Forex Trading Master Technique. His personal time spent on studying and reworking trading strategies over the last two years has resulted in over 5300 hours clocked and recorded (since recording began).

Our team is dedicated to passing on the Forex Trading Master Technique to you on a special 2-day workshop experience. You will get to experience a LIVE Forex Trading environment as you Learn! 

Remember this 2 -Day Forex Course experience is - FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!

It's an exclusive offer!  Make sure you don't miss it!

Dates: TBA


Each client will be guided and will be proficient in the following:

How to draw trend lines, channel lines

Elliott waves The rules and application. Using exercises every participant will practice the rules until a full understanding is achieved.

The basics of Fibonacci.

Drawing Fibonacci retracements and fans.

Basic understanding of Candle patterns.

The effect of candle patterns on price movements using end of day and live charts.

Chart patterns. Learn to identify flags, pennants, wedges and formations.

Using everything learnt over the 2 day Forex Course, apply to end of day and intra-day charts and trade in a simulated environment to test the results of what you have learnt.

What's more? Your Forex Trading Master Bonus!

The workshop will cover two intense days and will be hosted by an expert in his specific field.

You will be given a series of tests to complete on all the different aspects taught.

The lessons will only continue once all delegates are efficient in their understanding and application of each topic.

Just to sum up a few of the benefits for you!

Make money learning oscillators, formations and chart patterns to predict support/ resistance and turning points in EOD and live charts on the Forex market.

  • Clients can expect in-depth explanations of advanced indicators which will give them a clear understanding of the indicators to apply them correctly
  • Applications of technical analysis will improve client’s success rates on their own trades
  • Pattern formation explanations will help clients identifying the correct sell and buy levels to make more informed decisions
  • Advanced lessons on your Forex Trading Platform will drastically improve client’s abilities to use the program to its full potential and therefore enhanced their trading abilities.

Clients will gain the edge on stop and order placements. This Forex Training course will certainly give you an advantage over the Forex Market.

Testing session on the last day will ensure that clients are fully equipped by the time they leave.

What are Forex Trading Master's Latest Achievements?

Forex Pro recently achieved his best Online Forex trading day ever with a 22% certifiable profit in a single day of trading! In less than 36 hours, Forex Pro achieved 34% profit with day trading Forex in July 2010!

Come on our next Advanced Forex Training Course on the 2nd & 3rd Sept to discover how you can make money online trading Forex!

"I started off in one account with just R35 000 and more money in another account which would have been money I was willing to risk and give up if it will.  That is also what happened; the one account I was so serious about improved from R35 000 to R 638 000 from Sept 2007 to October 2008"…."and yes I eventually drew almost all the money from the other account which I haven’t already lost on expensive mistakes." 

"I lost about R190 000 out of the second account. My total turnover was more than R 1 000 000 in both accounts together, meaning I gave about 60% of all my profits back to the market; leaving me with a 750% profit of my R 35 000 account in one year and a 100% loss on my R170 000 account in the same time.  Over all as you can gather, I am still paying my bills on time every time and having some money to spare while enjoying my work as an intraday Forex trader .I now also added a Currencies account in October 2008 with some money that I transferred to London."

“Training other people to also share in financial success is what I call emotional balance to my 14hr intraday Forex trading program!”

 Our Expert Forex Master Trader has achieved over R1million since the January 1st, 2009 in his personal Forex trading!

Why not learn to make money online like Forex Master?!?

Don't Delay! Seats are limited.

Our Special offer is Exclusive!

Apply now!


“Trading in the Forex market is one of the riskiest forms of investment available in the financial markets and suitable for sophisticated individuals and institutions.  Nothing in this presentation is a recommendation to buy or sell currencies and www.tradingmentors.co.za is not liable for any loss or damage.”

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